The Via Atenea, “Via Maestra”. and Via Garibaldi keep important churches, rebuilt or transformed in the XVII – XVIII centuries, like the Church of S. Pietro, with frescoes by Crestadoro; of the Purgatory (San Lorenzo) of Santa Rosalia, of S. Francesco d’Assisi, of San Giuseppe, of Sam Domenico, of Santa Caterina, of S. Francesco di Paola and of the Addolorata, the latter two decorated with elegant baroque stuccos. The aforementioned monuments also contain important works of furniture of great value, thus placing themselves as natural containers of parish museums that, together with the historical archives contained, tell the story.

This itinerary has the central fulcrum in Piazza Municipio where is located the historical site of the former Civic Museum (former Convent of the Agostiniani PP).