The Historic Center of Agrigento is characterized by the presence of a rich cultural heritage. Its characteristic road layout maintains the ancient medieval, sinuous and irregular aspect, created starting from the Arabs and remaining intact until today; In the course of the centuries, civil and religious buildings have been grafted on to it, which has not altered its original appearance, preserving also its peculiarities such as construction material, lowered arches, courtyards and gardens.

The center is located on the “Colle di Girgenti”, a place chosen by the Muslims as a residence after the conquest of the city and the banishment of the Byzantines, who had initially kept their homes in the “Hellenistic Roman” district, then moved to the “Balatizzo” district where traces of rock settlement have been found.

In 1966 a landslide of considerable intensity, also caused by wrong urban planning, determined the abandonment of a large part of that area of ​​the historic center that extends from the Cathedral to the “Rabato”, and that called “Bibbirria”.