Welcome to Agrigento!
You are in piazza Pirandello: from here you can start your route.
On this and every other panel of the path you find a map of the area where you are: there are marked the blue way for the “Alleys and culture” path and the bordeaux way for the “Girgenti in one hour” path; moreover you find indicated with a red hexagon the places mentioned by Luigi Pirandello in his writings and with a yellow dot the places “Art and Faith”. Blue dotted lines show you additional routes (Rabato, San Giacomo, etc.), which you can explore before returning to the chosen main route.
Below the map of each panel you find, on the left, one or two colored directional arrows: follow the blue one if you have chosen the “Alleys and culture” path; the bordeaux one if you have chosen the “Girgenti in one hour” path.
Each panel gives you the indications to reach the next one.
On the right of the panel you find the list of sites indicated on the map.
Just under the map you find a QR code: frame it with your smartphone or tablet and access a page containing information on the sites indicated on the map: click on the button of the site you are interested in and access the relevant information.
The contents related to the individual monuments and sites are in progress: gradually they will be improved and completed, and the events scheduled will also be indicated.
Good walk in the historic center!

Click on the sites you can visit from here.